Loughton Brook

I require the congitively wrote courswork, regarding Loughton Brook river. The work must be divided into 7 stages: introduction, methodology, data presentation techniques, analysis, conclusion, evaluation and bibliography.
For introduction, it would be nice to include the description of river. Pictures and map are require, though. 
The key question of the whole cource work is: How is erosion/deposition linked to changes in river variables? It is expected to refer to it along the whole work, consequently conclusion must answer the question. It is also important to compare the data I’ve gathered with the bradshaw’s model. I’d upload it straight away.
Since my course work is based on a field work, such features: velocity, bedload size, gradient and cross-sectional area should be explained along completing the whole task. 
As for the methodology section, I’d need you to explain how each of my measurement were made. As I said, I’d upload them straight away. 
Data presentation techniques part is the part where all of my graphs and measurement should be pasted. What has to be done, though is the comparison of my data with the bradshaw’s model. Simply how 2 differ from each other. 
At analysis part, the field work data must be analysed. Description of each variable, for instance width and depth, must be described and explained. The anomalies where data seems to be wrong or either not belong must be included, again with the comparison to Bradshaw’s model. 
In the conclusion, the main question must be answered with the reference to the data and any other external data. 
Finally in evaluation, explanation why the field work without the proper equipment proved out to be tough and inaccurate.


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