Machiavelli’s virtues and vices.

Study Questions: List Machiavelli’s virtues and vices. What does Machiavelli mean by virtue? How does it compare with more traditional understandings? What is the relation of virtue to fortune? What is the change of orientation Machiavelli hopes to effect? Are the people described in the case studies Machiavellian? Why or why not? Compare the three codes. What do they imply about the types of human beings that are seen as desirable? What kinds of regimes do the codes imply?

Case Studies:
Hakim, Kessler, and Ewing, “As Volkswagen Pushed to Be No. 1” (Provided)
Google and Facebook Data Mining (Provided)

Machiavelli, The Prince, (P.61-101) (Provided)
Ten Commandments:
Aristotle’s 11 virtues:


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