Each question is expected to be within 150 to 200 words. Use the below book to answer the questions: Principles of Leadership, International Edition, 7th Edition | Print: ISBN-10 1133435297, ISBN-13 9781133435297
Author(s): DuBrin
Publisher: Cengage Learning • Structure of the response including clear introductory and concluding remarks with body.
• Showing of examples wherever applicable.
• Drawing graphs wherever applicable.
• Academic evidence supporting the argument.
• Logical flow and smooth transitions between arguments.
• In adequate discussion, wirte more details.
• Need to use theory to support your argument.
• Need to define the main concept (Academic evidence)
• Own contribution (to explain HOW which is not being addressed) Chapter 8, page 268 Q8.1. Based on the limited evidence, how would you characterize Frank’s leadership style? Q8.2. What leadership behaviours and attitudes is Frank displaying? Q8.3. How else might Frank approach his project managers about developing new business?

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