Management An 8 page Research Paper is required for this.
Type into your browser
· Click on Business & Economics
· Scroll down to “Principles of Management” by Carpenter, Bauer & Erdogan
· Click on the book title
· Click on Chapter 1 and start reading
. This is the book we are using for class…. The source material for this paper can be found in the text reading material. However, students are required to seek additional external source material to bring another perspective to their papers. Students must obtain at least one research source from the AMU Online Library. There is a great deal of material available both in the Internet (Newsgroup articles are good sources) as well as other reading material. Wikipedia is not a valid source for this paper! The students will:
Discuss the evolution of management principle from the Classical School to the present – this should constitute not more than 30% of the paper
Compare/contrast and relate one or more of the different schools of management theory and management practices in the student’s current work environment – this should constitute approximately 70% of the paper
The student must be able to compare/contrast, analyze/evaluate, synthesize information, and prepare well-written documentation of their findings and conclusions. The paper must clearly demonstrate the student’s ability to accomplish this.  

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