Management In Practice Assignment 1

Purpose of the assignment:
This assignment is designed to get you to think about how you might tackle researching the management challenge that has been provided to you by our partner organisation and for you to articulate your approach in a well written business report.

Requirements of the assignment:
* Examine the data provided by the partner organisation and undertake your own research to find more relevant data.
* Have you got all the data you need? What other data would be helpful?
* Undertake research to understand the context of the organisation and the management challenge.
* Is this problem new? Has it been tackled before, maybe in other industries or contexts?
* Define what you believe to be the management challenge is that is facing the organisation (it might not be what they told you it was)
* Sometimes organisations *think* they’ve got one kind of challenge when it might be more helpful to think about the management challenge from a different perspective. Drawing on your (management) knowledge gained through your program of study, how else might you think about this challenge?
* Write a background briefing describing the nature of the challenge through the particular management lens that you are viewing the problem (e.g. Strategy, organisational behaviour, HR…)
Use PESTEL, SWOT,VRIO theories to analyse (the theories of strategic management)
Focus on one or two problems and analyse
* Use a report format.

How to ask questions of our partner organisation
Your first assignmentis due soon and here is how you can get more information from our partner organisation to help you to do well. A reminder that you are forbidden to contact our partner organisation at all. We have a process that will allow you to ask questions directly of them.
This is how you can ask questions directly of our partner organisation:
Visit and enter the event code and click ‘join’.
The event code for ARCBS is: 3955
The event code for MCC is: 6380
You can then type your question and you can also vote other questions up or down.
The forum is open now until Saturday, 18th March.
I’ll conduct a recorded interview with one of the representatives of the our partner organisation and I’ll put your questions to them. The next day I’ll upload the interview recording to MyRMIT BlackBoard.
Some guidance on asking questions of our organisation partner:
1. Don’t ask questions for which the answer is easily found in the organisation documentation that was provided to you by our partner organisation at the start of semester.
2. Don’t ask questions for which the answer should readily be known (or can be found out by a simple Google search).
3. Ask questions that will give you information that you think you will need for your assignment but which is difficult to get in any other format other than in an interview.
4. Ask open questions. Open questions are questions that can’t be answered with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Open questions encourage the interviewee to provide more information and examples.
5. ASK QUESTIONS! Don’t leave it for others to ask questions on your behalf. Contribute. If you don’t ask your questions, you won’t get the answers you need!
Remember, the forum closes on Saturday, 18th March after which time you won’t have the opportunity to put your questions to our partner organisation. Make sure you put your questions in ASAP.


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