Management leadership style

All leaders have their own leadership style. Some leadership practices are more effective than others, which is evidenced by company growth and employee satisfaction. Because effective leadership plays a compelling role in a company’s success, leadership styles have been studied, scrutinized, categorized, and often labeled. Effective leadership styles, although labeled differently, often show a similar theme. For this assignment, select at least two of the Web resources provided in this Unit to learn about effective leadership styles. Then, consider the following:

Part One:

Consider what leadership or management style speaks most to you. Discuss that particular style, explain why it fits you better than others. Alternatively, consider the leadership or management style fits you least. Explain what is least desirable with that style from your perspective.

Part Two:

A leadership team has a situation that needs to be dealt with. They have grown sizably over the past year. This has caused the team to expand its branches and warehouses. Additionally, they are facing an inventory issue that has to be resolved.

Discuss the following:

Based on your reading, describe the leadership style that would best help this leadership team deal with their expanding employee, management, and warehouse base.
Why do you think this leadership style would be the most effective?

APA format.

Due 11/29/15

700 – 900 words

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