Management Responsibilities

Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual assignment only – this cannot be a group project) will be due by Sunday, and late submissions will be assigned a late penalty in accordance with the late penalty policy found in the syllabus. NOTE: All submission posting times are based on midnight Central Time.

For this assignment, use the four functions of management four functions of management to describe the fundamental duties of a manager (150-200 words). Then, keeping the duties of a manager in mind, provide responses to the following:

Ethics in Management (125 words)

Consider a scenario where your friend is a candidate for a job. As a manager, you have inside information on that job opening. All candidates get a brief summary of the job description and requirements. Because you work for the company, your friend asks you for additional information to help with the interview process. You know that you have more information that could help your friend get the job, but this information is not being shared with the other candidates. What do you do?
Points to consider in your response: Understand that an ethical dilemma is one where there is no clear right or wrong options, just consequences to decisions. Managers are often faced with ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. Additionally, understanding how to make ethical decisions is an important skill for all managers

In your Phase 4 IP resources, use the Project Management Institute (PMI) guidelines for ethical decision making to document each of the given steps to show how you made your final decision to provide an answer to your friend.

Global Managers (125 words)

In your Phase 4 IP resources, read the first section of the article Strategy in the Global Environment and describe why you think it is important for managers to understand the global environment.

Management Impact (125 words)

Select one of the tools from the following website Basic Tools for Process Improvement and describe how the selected tool is used in the workplace for process improvement.

APA format 600 words

the following reference must be used they are in order from 1 to 4 as listed above in red

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