Managing Organizational Change

Please write the following report in Details.
• Choose real problem in your organization that you want to change (Please try to find out standing organization in UAE I am working in Schlumberger oil service company so try to find some things in Oil and gas without standing reputation and Multi National )that you want to solve it through change management strategy apply several change management strategy, change concepts&theories plus use different approach to do that ( I have attached the A Change Management Cycle for our class materials to allow you solve the problem though out different approaches and mention Cleary each approach in selecting approach I need to you to use many approacheswith out standing cover to problem and it will be great if you can provide me with graphic and chart to support as well.


Description of the Task : application of change concepts and theories to your organization (which you will select based on the above description )and problems to be address


1. Table of content
2. Itnrouducaiton
3. Abstract
4. Introductory Statement

5. Executive Summary

6. Main Issues / Concerns / Problems to be Addressed

7. Discussions of Main Issues

8. Solutions or reduction of problem

9. Recommendations and Discussion of Recommendations

10. Trials of Recommendations and Results

11. Review and Measurements of Results

12. Summary and Conclusions

13. Conclusion

14. References


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