Managing Systems Projects(Pert Chart)


read pages 102-126 in the Shelly Cashman.

The PDF chapter is titled “Managing Systems Projects,” and focuses primarily on task
estimation & scheduling (e.g. Gantt and PERT charts, and critical path analysis). You will have
to create PERT charts when you take Project Management class, so this serves as a “sneak

After reading the chapter, please complete the following exercises at the end of the chapter:
page.131 – “Apply Your Knowledge” 1 (Countrywide Construction), parts 1, 2, & 4 only
(i.e., no need to make a Gantt chart)
pages.133-134 – Personal Trainer, Inc. case study, all 4 parts

You may use the diagramming tool of your choice to complete the PERT chart portion of the
assignment. The following tools will all work:
 Microsoft Powerpoint (probably the simplest option)
 Flowchart Diagram option in Astah Professional
 Microsoft Visio (may be available on some campus computers)
 Smartdraw (free 7-day trial available online)
 There are numerous other free diagramming tools and PERT chart generators available
online. I don’t care which one you use.
you should create a single Word
document, and then embed both of your diagrams / PERT charts in it.


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