market analysis

. Because the air pollution problem in China is very serious right now. And the air cleaning products are popular in china. Our product is the combination of the I need you to do the market analysis part. you will have to analyze the market both in China and in the US,and also analyze our competitors IROBOT and BLUEAIR , and how our products is different from these two。 For Irobot,what we are different is that we have a sensor that can sense the PM2.5 and can also purify the air as well as clean the ground. For Blueair, what we are different is that our product is like the robot and can move around to clean the air.( please specify some more things). And you will have to analyze more things related to the market of our product. I will upload the abstract of our product and 1 brief ppt. Please let me know if you have any question about it.


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