Marketing (Classmate)

Marketing.” Please respond to the following:

Distinguish between guerilla marketing, permission marketing, and word-of-mouth marketing.
Choose one of these techniques and discuss three examples from a particular industry (for example, retail, transportation, or food) where companies have used this particular tactic.
Evaluate the success of the tactics described. Discuss what might have been done to make the tactic even more successful.

Her answer:

Guerrilla, Permission and Word-of-Mouth Marketing Techniques
There are different ways by which marketing is achieved and these are differentiated by the means/strategies used to get the marketing message across. Guerilla marketing involves use of unusual techniques to promote a product. Such techniques are usually creative and thoughtful thereby giving them an edge over the others (Behal & Sareen, 2014). At the same time, they may prove to be cheaper than other marketing techniques (Behal & Sareen, 2014). Examples include use of graffiti and publicity stunts. Permission marketing on the other hand, refers to marketing that takes into consideration the wishes and expectations of the consumer. As a result, it is viewed as a privilege and not a right as may be the case with other marketing techniques. The marketer undertakes to promote relevant and acceptable products or services using respectable terms. It is built on a premise of first getting the attention of the consumer before delivering the message. An example is opt-in email where customers can subscribe to a website or channel that can then provide them with regular updates and advertisements. Word-of-mouth marketing is a popular technique used by companies in which different avenues and events such as parties are used to sell a company’s image or products. However, it is not a preserve of companies only and peers, classmates or any other persons with shared interests can engage in this form of marketing by sharing or recommending a product to the other.

Guerilla marketing technique, although unconventional, has been used by many companies to get word of their products to consumers. In the transport industry, it is a tactic that has commonly been employed by companies such as Peugeot which has advertised its 308 model using trucks carrying the numbers 308. Volkswagen, another car manufacturer has used the same method in an advert for its Golf GTI featuring a man walking side by side to a part of the Golf car (front door) apparently to show how small and convenient it is. Alfa Romeo has also employed the same technique in a publicity stunt where the Alfa Romeo car is standing on the tip of its nose inside a shopping basket.

In all three instances, the adverts achieved their purpose, which was primarily to get the attention of consumers and passersby. For the truck carrying the logo 308, the advert can be improved by inscribing the words Peugeot next to it. Some consumers may not be able to relate the advert with the company without this. On the other hand, the advert by Volkswagen should be improved to present other advantages of the car apart from its small size and convenience. For example, to show that it is durable, the same advert can be presented during different seasons or after years to compare how much the car has changed in the face of wear and tear. The advert by Alfa Romeo is one-of-a kind and there is little improvement that can be made on it, except to accompany the advert with more details regarding the car, such as the price. This may get consumers more interested, particularly when they find out it is a quality car being sold at a fair price.

Behal, V., & Sareen, S. (2014). Guerilla Marketing: A Low Cost Marketing Strategy, 3(1), 1-6.International Journal of Management Research and Business Strategy


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