Marketing Manager

As the marketing manager for a nationally recognized, but small market sports team, you have been given the responsibility of evaluating your current seating cost structure and pricing strategy. In completing your research, you have uncovered a recent article which speaks to several concerns on pricing as a marketing tool within a particular sport (see link below). A concern you have is that attendance for your team has held at the same level for the past five years. In addition, you want to develop a pricing strategy that is philosophically aligned with the concept of Proportionate Reason.

Review the article “Seats of Gold” and determine whether Proportionate Reason or the concept of Principle of Fairness is the basis for this team’s pricing strategy.
Determine if profit is the sole evaluative criteria for your team’s performance.
Develop an ethical pricing strategy that in your best judgment will drive revenue, increase attendance, improve loyalty, and will serve as a positive benefit for the community.


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