Masculinity, Immigration and Latino representation

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  1. Ana Castillo (excerpt of Black Dove)
  2. Junot Diaz’s “This is How You Lose Her” and “Drown”

1.consider howAna Castillo (excerpt of Black Dove) and Junot Diaz’s characters in This is How You LoseHer (feel free to include “Drown” as well)portray/deconstruct the politics of Latino racialized masculinity

2.Does their representation of Latino masculinity destabilize how gender roles are generally performed and embodied? (“This is How You Lose Her”- Double moment =1)What is mean to be Dominican male? 2)How he flipping? How his Intentionality changes? How he normalizes?

3.How have internalized codes of conduct helped to shape the characters lived realities?

4.How has immigration and the U.S. context transformed the ways in which these cultural codes are learned and performed?

  1. Consider how the characters are positioned vis-à-vis the dominant culture: what particular challenges do they face and what valuable perspective do they bring to the reader’s attention in terms of masculinity, sexuality, immigration and Latino representation?

6.Give examples from the readings to support your analysis with specific references to at least 3 stories from This is How You Lose Her.

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