Mass Commuincation Theory – Apply One Theory from Your Text That Helps Explain the Relationship of Mass Media and the Film’s Society/Context

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For this paper watch a full-length film and apply one theory from your text that helps explain the relationship of mass media and the film’s society/context.

After you watch the film write a 5-page paper in which you:
• Describe the film, giving a brief(!) synopsis of the plot
• Explain the theory you are applying to the film, including important terms and concepts of the theory
• Explain how the film illustrates important concepts from the theory
• Provides examples of events, dialogue, or interactions from the film to demonstrate your understanding of the theory
Be specific, referring to particular scenes is better than generalities about the film’s overall plot or theme.

Be sure to incorporate concepts and terminologies from class materials to articulate your understanding of the article and theoretical perspective.

• You must submit a Word document in order for your assignment to be reviewed and graded
• 5 pages
• Double-spaced (excluding name and date at top)
• Correct grammar and spelling throughout your paper and write your paper for a college-level audience
• You can use either MLA or APA for this assignment but you must include a reference section that lists the sources you cited within your paper
All written assignments will be submitted electronically to TurnItIn, the plagiarism detection software.

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