Mechanical Scarification; 40 Scarified Cuscuta campestris seeds; 40 un-scarified Cuscuta campestri

Within your groups, you will need to discuss hypothesis possibilities and how to setup your experimental design. A quick google search of “seed germination experiments” may be helpful in your discussion. Once your group has settled on both, please select a reporter for your group who will email me a word document with your group’s hypothesis and experimental design for approval.

Tips to consider when developing your experiment:

Your hypothesis should be related to your experimental variable.
You will need to include a control that doesn’t receive the experimental variable treatment.
You will need to make sure all other variables are as consistent across all treatments. For example, if your experimental variable is light, you want to make sure that temperature, water, etc. are the same for all seed containers.
Your design submission should be extremely clear and able to be reproduced by any stranger your handed that document to. Think of it as well developed recipe from your grandmother.
Your experiment should run no longer than one month but may be completed sooner. This will be dictated by your design.
When designing, be clear on what criteria and data you will be collecting and how that data will support or refute your hypothesis.
Upon approval, you all will need to purchase your supplies including seeds and begin your experiment according to your design. If you are here in Fayetteville, Bell’s Seed Store downtown should have seeds year round for your to choose from. Otherwise, you may have to order some packets online. If you are having trouble locating seeds, please let me know. During the process of setting up and completing your experiment, remember to take lots of notes and pictures of the entire process, not just the final results. You will use these during a later assignment.


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