mental health care

This essay requires an exploration of mental health care from a
historical perspective.
Students are to:
• Explore the literature on the historical development of key
concepts and philosophies used in the care of people with
mental illness (i.e. institutionalisation to deinstitutionalisation,
the development of Recovery-orientated practices);
• Analyse the research looking at the development of key
nursing models/theories used in mental health nursing
• Structure the paper as an essay (introduction which
introduces your topic, body of your work broken into
paragraphs, followed by a conclusion that summarises the key
concepts raised).
• Incorporate scholarly and peer-reviewed literature into your
At this level of academic study, your essay needs to include a logical,
thought-out structure (headings are preferred). Sound referencing
practices in line with the School’s Harvard Referencing system needs
to be demonstrated.

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