Revise chapter 1, 2 and 3 according to the comments and merge those for the final proposal (introduction, literature review and methodology).
-Add the last chapter, chapter 4. implications and limitations

Chapter 4 you should include (3 pages) :
1. Theoretical Implications: Howe does your research benefit the current understanding of the topic in academic research?
2. Managerial Implications: How does your research benefit the industry?
3. Limitations: what is the methodological limitation of this study

-The order of the final proposal should follow:
1. Chapter 1 Introduction
2. Chapter 2 Literature review (research model should be part of the literature review, most likely after the hypotheses developmenr section)
3. Chapter 3 Methods
4. Chapter 4 Implications and limitations
5. Reference List (alphabetical order)
6. Appendices.


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