Mergers and Acquisitions Assignment


Your group works in the Corporate Development division of Wesfarmers Limited (“WES”) and the CEO of Wesfarmers, Richard Goyder, has asked your group to identify a potential acquisition target for Wesfarmers and to prepare a briefing book or “pitch book” making a case for the acquisition of this target firm by Wesfarmers.

In selecting the target company, your group should ensure that the proposed acquisition “fits” into the existing overall business strategy of the Wesfarmers group. As Wesfarmers is a conglomerate firm, this means that the proposed acquisition target can be from any industry. However, Richard holds the view that related (in terms of product and/or market to Wesfarmers’ existing operations) acquisitions would involve less risk. Accordingly, unrelated acquisition proposals will need to be justified by additional potential benefits.

There are no specific financial parameters for the acquisition other than that the acquisition price must exceed A$200 million, that the target should be an Australian company listed in the ASX and that it can be financed by the company through the issue of debt or equity or from existing resources without exceeding prudent gearing levels in the long term.


Your assignment is to prepare a “pitch book” on a proposed takeover containing the following contents:

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