Question MGMT 651 I) GROUP PROJECT Your group’s primary goal for this activity is as follows: Prepare a two to four page status report on your group project to include the following: Definition of your customer Definition of the problem Purpose of the project High level view of the project Create a simple flow chart to show the steps that your team will have to complete for the team project and assign estimated times 1) GROUP # 3 POSTS: POST 1 FROM ONE OF THE GROUP MEMBER: From my understanding of the setting and some research I have done. I believe we will be working the warehousing activities of a business (ordering delivering from supplier reception processing inventorying shipment to customer delivery etc…) our customer would be the owner of the company that is looking on how to improve their operations. We could be a hired external firm or internal members of the organization that have been task to look at ways to improve the operation. That would be the basic setting and customer description. Now the devil is on the details so once we have to start getting actual data and products we will need factual information. To get this we could ether use information that we have trough someone’s actual work place that they can describe how their process work use previous experience from a past job or do research on a particular business and use their process as a base for our project. So to all let me know if these is a good start or we need to go somewhere else with the effort? POST 2 FROM ONE OF THE GROUP MEMBER: All from doing a look into the big retailers Wal-Mart and Target. it seems that Wal-Mart is having an issue controlling their inventory that is leading to a lot of lost revenue. Their problems appear to be proper staffing warehousing procedures and tracking inventory once it hits the store. We could use this as or main point for our work? What does every body think? POST 3 FROM GROUP CAPTAIN IS THE RESPONSE FOR POST 1 AND 2: I like it! Lets roll with that. How does the breakdown below look to you all? You can email me your write ups by Saturday evening so I can put this all together Sunday. I can write a lot to hit our pages but the more information you all provide is always better. We can post any links on this chain as well to help people with information collection. Definition of your customer- Alexmi Definition of the problem- Alexmi Purpose of the project- Jacob High level view of the project- Eleanor Create a simple flow chart- Habib 2) BASED ON THE DIRECTIONS GIVEN MY PART IS TO CREATE A SIMPLE FLOW CHART BASED ON POST 1 AND 2 WHICH IS DUE ON SATURDAY EVENING AS MY GROUP CAPTAIN STATED. 3) THE FIRST ATTACHMENT IS THE GROUP OVERVIEW WHICH IS REQUIRED FOR YOU TO READ IT AS WELL TO HAVE A CLEAR UNDERSTANDING.

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