MGT 3307 (Diversity) Reality Based Education (and Writing Practice) Assignment

Question MGT 3307 (Diversity) Reality Based Education (and Writing Practice) Assignment Overview In order to create inclusive organizations and communities we must ensure that every individual is valued and viewed as critical to its success and competitive advantage. Therefore you will envision a real-life opportunity for changing inequities in the UH-Downtown or Houston community. I want you to reflect upon what you see as pressing needs of the Houston community (business or otherwise). The end result of your efforts will be deliverables that should be worthy of being shared with the President of UHD CEO of a company or the Mayor of the City of Houston. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a writing practice course. Please make sure you review the ?writing tips? on BB as I will hold you to these standards. Also remember there is a COB Writing Tutor Lab you can access if you need help with your writing. Memo #1 ? Summary of Core Issues Your memo should be a professional (i.e. organized and attractive) 1-page document. This means you should use 11 or 12 point font 1 inch margins and single-spacing as well as follow the below structure. Opening Statement Background of Situation (1 paragraph) Discuss the relevant history statistics/facts mission and connection to the Houston community. Perception and Reputation (1 paragraph) Examine your selected organization?s website or other resources to learn how potential employees customers etc. may view the organization. What perceptions might you have about the organization?s commitment to diversity based solely upon their website? Be specific and provide concrete examples. Strengths and Weaknesses (1 paragraph) Conduct research to evaluate what the organization is doing particularly well to build inclusion. Conversely you should identify challenges inequities and areas of improvement. Closing Statement References Cite your sources using APA formatting (handout on BB).

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