Mix of professional practice of facilities manager, interpersonal, business and management skills

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1. accounting principles and procedures – demonstrate understanding of accounting concepts
2. business planning – demonstrate understanding of how business planning activities
3. client care – practical application of principles and practice of client care
4. communication and negotiation – practical application of oral, written, graphic and presentation skills in a variety of situations
5. conduct rules, ethics and professional practice – in the context of advising clients
6. conflict avoidance, management and dispute resolution procedures – demonstrate understanding of techniques for conflict avoidance, conflict management and dispute resolution procedures eg adjudication, arbitration
7. date management – demonstrate understanding of sources of information and date
8. health and safety – practical application of health and safety issues and the requirement for compliance
9. sustainability – why and how sustainability seeks to balance economic, environmental and social objectives
10. teamworking – demonstrate understanding of principles, behaviour and dynamics of working as a team
11. leadership – role as a leader
12. managing people – application of skills required to manage people
13. managing resources (exclude human resources) – giving reasoned advice on the most effective use, allocation and cost of resources

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