Module 3 Session Long Project Assignment: Developing a Database System: Improving Database Design

Continue improving the PC Store database (tables) you designed. Here are your tasks:
1. Normalize the tables from previous module. Similar to the Case Assignment, describe in a paper how you redesign your tables to satisfy the requirements of 1NF, 2NF and 3NF. If you believe your tables as submitted in SLP 2 are already normalized, explain in your paper how those tables meet the normalization standards.
2. Modify the Oracle database you created in previous module. Drop the tables that you have redesigned for normalization, and keep those that are intact.
3. Create new tables as required in your new design, using SQL in DBMS.
Include the SQL statements and screenshots of your new tables in the paper.
SLP Assignment Expectations
• Normalize tables in a database design.
• Be able to create and drop tables using SQL.
• Communicate effectively with your audience.


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