mona lisa


1. Select an object that you believe is a work of fine art. For this assignment it is best to limit your choice to drawings, paintings and sculptures that are displayed in the worlds museums. 

2. Write a description of the artwork in your own words. Your description of the artwork should be 200-300 words in length. 

3. Find a picture of the object and paste it into your document.

4. Be sure to include your name in both the document and its filename.

First Critique
For best results (keeping formatting intact) save your document in PDF format and view the resulting file in Acrobat before uploading to confirm what you are sending. Please be aware that the Turnitin system does not support hyperlinks. If including references to a website in your document, be sure to type out the complete URL. Open Office, Libre Office, and Apple Pages users should be aware that the default file format for saved documents in these programs may not be supported by Turnitin. Be sure to “export” or “save as” in a compatible format before uploading your document. This assignment is set to be due at 11:00 AM. This link is set to accept uploads after the due date. Not all clocks are the same and the clock this upload link uses is the only one that matters. Students uploading in the final minutes before the due date risk their assignment being tagged as late. Assignments tagged late by this upload link will have a -25% penalty as mentioned in the course syllabus.


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