Moral Compass Essay

The Moral Compass Essay is based on your completed Moral Compass Workbook. The essay should be written in first person narrative voice using clear, grammatically correct English. Sources should be cited properly in APA format.

Be sure to include at least one paragraph for each of the following elements:

1. INTRODUCTION: What is your understanding of a moral compass? From which Wisdom Tradition(s) do you draw in constructing your own moral compass?

2. MORAL VISION: What symbol, song, image, or story represents your moral vision? Explain why you chose this representation and how it expresses your core values.

3. MORAL CODE: What are the rules or principles of your moral code? Explain how your moral code aligns most closely with a moral standpoint such as Kantian ethics or utilitarianism. Explain how your code aligns with your vision.

4. MORAL FITNESS: What practices constitute your moral fitness regimen? Explain how these practices align with and reinforce your moral vision and code.

5. DEFINING MOMENT: What has been a key defining moment for you? Explain how this moral challenge has tested, clarified, and defined your character and values. This is an important part of your essay because it demonstrates how you act on your values.

6. MORAL CHALLENGES OF BUSINESS LEADERSHIP: Drawing from the wisdom of your moral compass, how do you explain and respond to the moral challenges of leadership, globalization, knowledge capitalism, urbanization, and corporate value integrity? This is also an important part of your essay that demonstrates how you apply your values to the challenges and opportunities of business leadership.

7. SUMMARY: What is your key take-away for the moral compass assignment?


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