motivation and its effect on employees productivity in the workplace

motivation and its effect on employee’s productivity in the workplace Description:
Using the literature review outline (MRP3), Writing a Literature Review (supplemental
resource), textbook and sources found thus far, you should develop a literature review for your
topic. You will create a coherent, directional display of writing to support your problem
statement and your contribution to literature. No grammatical errors should exist; they will only
distract the reader from what you are trying to say. The review should: 1.) identify how your study will contribute to the current body of literary
work by exposing gaps in research, providing justification and better understanding for the
problem statement, 2.) group studies together, 3.) critique research while remaining unbiased and
4.) educate the reader on your topic. Help the reader understand what is what; give them signals,
directions, conclusions; hold their hand through the ins and outs and intricacies of the literature.
The fourth step will contribute to the Literature Review section of your Major Research Project.
4 pages suggested A minimum of 10 journal articles, books, theories or reports published within the past 15 years
must be cited in the literature review. Format citations used in the review according to the APA
Style Manual 6th Edition. At least seven of the 10 articles must be empirical peer-reviewed
journal articles, books, an appropriate theoretical model(s) or reports from a credible
(government, not for-profit organization, etc..) source. Your literature review should have the following sections. I. Title page (Title and My name)
II. Outline page (your MRP3 or revised MRP3)
III. Integrative literature review (must be a synthesis based on your selected 10 articles)
a. Heading 1
b. Heading 2
c. etc
IV. References (In APA style, part of your MRP2 assignment) Resources:

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