Learners are motivational A hypothetical (brief) case study In past years Jenny has seemed engaged with her schoolwork, often asking and answering question in class, and spending time on completing projects for homework.
However, since starting grade 6 this year, Jenny has been showing less interest in her class work, and she was late handing up her last project, which was poorly done. Jenny’s teacher has attempted to talk to her. Jenny’s response was that she didn’t relly care about her schoolwork this year, that much of it was getting too hard for her anyway, and she couldn’t see much point in putting in time for stuff that was boring and too difficult for her. # your task
you are an educational consultant. Consider Jenny’s position in terms of the motivational theory you have read. Provide:
1. an analysis of Jenny’s possible motivational state, and
2. some partical advice for Jenny’s teacher based upon your reading. Give equal space to each of the tow sections. COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY AND INSRUCTION” 5th Edition by Roger H


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