movie review

movie review
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Write a thoughtful, analytical movie review discussing the way a movie makes an argument connected to one of the social issues you’ve learned about this semester. these social issues were discussed in articles titled: war can be prevented, the prevalence of plagiarism is the result of a dishonest society, genetically designing babies is unethical, banning words from hip-hop and rap music would be beneficial, society suffers from any form of censorship, harsh punishment is the best way to prevent juvenile crime, juvenile offenders have been unfairly demonized, limits omust be imposed on free speech, the government should not strictly regulate indecency on television, art for peace, federal funding of the arts should not end, journalists have a duty to fight government secrecy, immigration is responsible for the rising poverty rate, livestock agriculture contributes to global warming, texting while driving, humans out to use nature to serve their own needs. ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!

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