MSc International Business and the module

Group Coursework:
The coursework assessment consists of a strategic analysis of a real firm. This is structured as group activity. It is advised that groups are formed and a company chosen before the first seminar event. Students will be asked to pick a company from the FTSE4Good UK list. Students are required to present their analysis of the company as a Video recorded presentation (length from 5 minutes up to 15 minutes). This analysis is based on the tools, models and theories discussed in the first 9 weeks of class. Students should demonstrate the understanding of where the competitive advantage of the company lies and which strategies the company deploys. The Video should represent at least the following aspects:
1. The analysis of the firm and its environment through validated tools, e.g. those presented in class, in the suggested readings or in individually researched material
2. The understanding of the firm strategic options by linking your analysis with the concepts studied during the module
3. The reflection on the learning experience in doing this analysis (i.e. “What did we learn from doing this analysis?”)

It is a group presentation, our chosen company is Unilever from FTSE4Good UK list and specifically we’ve chosen Lipton Tea as a specific product.
My part as one of the group members is PESTLE Analysis also I think there should be use of Brexit and Marketline.

1-Please use Harvard referencing style.
2-Use sources from journals, websites, books and etc.
3-As this is my part in the group project, I need the information in a report format with the references at the end so then i can show it to the rest of the group and transfer it to slides with them.


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