National Cranberry Cooperative 1996

National Cranberry Cooperative 1996
Use the standard case write-up format and include the following exhibits (Exhibits will be discussed in class the week before they are due):
• Detailed Process Flow Map of Receiving Plant #1 (see National Cranberry Hints)
• Graph of Wet Berry Inventory by Hour Assuming (see National Cranberry Hints)
a. 19,000 berries (wet & dry) arrive at a uniform rate over 11 hours with 70% of berries wet
b. The process starts with zero inventory and no berries in the process
c. The graph should end when all wet berries are through processing
d. The plant is running from time zero (not 11:00 as stated in the case)
e. There are no lags in processing. Everything flows through the system at the system capacity
• Calculation of average truck waiting times (assuming uniform and continuous deliveries):
a. Existing Configuration
b. Proposed Configuration (i.e., after NCC adopts your recommendations)
• Chart of Wet Berry Processing Time (as follows)
Input Rate of All Berries per Day
(bbls./day) Processing Time With Present Configuration
(hours) Processing Time With 1 New Dryer
(hours) Overtime Saved
(hours) Processing Time with 2 New Dryers
(hours) Overtime Saved


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