National Institute for Healthcare Management

Go to the following website:

Source: National Institute for Healthcare Management.

Select a featured publication of interest to you. Based on the publication that you review, and to prepare your organization for the change(s) that you foresee, write a paper of 750 to 1000-words to respond to the following:

1. Describe the publication and the issue(s) that it presents.

2. After reviewing the article, identify the type of health care organization that you would like to work for in the future and explain the implications of this issue to that organization and to at least two groups of its stakeholders.

3. What are some of the questions that you would need to ask, resources you
might need to access, or actions you would take to prepare your organization for change or to exploit opportunities?

4. Respond to two of the following questions:

a. Do you see changes arising from this situation to be a boon to patients?
Why or why not?
b. Do you think that government will create regulation relating to this topic
that you will need to comply with?
c. Do you see this issue as having the potential to result in a possible new
profit center for your facility?p(3)

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