National Woman's Suffrage

There will be at least five (5) slides. Include 1) your topic, 2) why you selected that topic, 3) An overview of your two assignments, 4) What you got out of this
experience (besides a passing grade), and, 5) a Bibliography of sources you used throughout this class. Each slide will include both text and images and audio. Use my lecture PowerPoint presentations as the model for this assignment.
PowerPoint with embedded audio. Create a ten-minute-long PowerPoint presentation with embedded audio. Use at least 5 slides. Use evidence from at least four various sources. The final slide in your presentation will be a Bibliography.

This was feedback on my Annotated Bibliography: Make sure on the Final Assignment that you use the words and deeds of more people, avoid all sweeping statements or generalizations, and critically analyze the evidence because not all evidence is equally strong. Be specific when you discuss issues or problems you came up against, why those where problems and how you surmounted those problems to include how, if any, someone helped you. Overall be specific as possible. And, don’t forget the Bibliography slide, which need to be the very last slide.

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