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Question I need help 4 questions for a criminal justice class. MUST be plagiarism free and will be checked against a essay database. If you can’t follow the rules below please do not attempt this assignment. Instructions: ? Begin each answer by restating the actual question itself (in bold type). ? Use a standard essay format for response to all questions (i.e. four to five paragraphs with three to five sentences per paragraph including an introduction middle paragraphs and conclusion paragraph). ? All online responses must be submitted as a MS Word Document file only. ? Responses should be no fewer than 300 words for each question. The textbook used for the class is: Criminal Procedure: Constitution and Society Sixth Edition 2011 Marvin Zalman The questions are: 1: List describe and explain the rules regarding consent searches under the Fourth Amendment. Provide case examples that illuminate the rules. 2: Fully describe the law established by the United States Supreme Court concerning the effective assistance of counsel. In your response fully explain the majority opinion and dissent of Strickland v. Washington (1984) and the Court?s later cases that interpret Strickland. 3: How effective are legal rules including common law rules and rules established by the United States Supreme Court (under the due process clauses and the Sixth Amendment right to counsel) in improving the accuracy of eyewitness identification? In answering this question fully describe what psychologists have discovered about the memory process and how memory works at lineups. 4: Compare the purposes and rules that guide traditional bail with those that guide preventive detention. In your response fully explain the ruling and the reasoning in U.S. v. Salerno (1987).

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