Youwill produce a written paper analyzing an actual negotiation situation that has been in the news or written up asa case in some other context. Select an incident that is sufficiently complex and intricate to provide interesting data for analysis. Your paper should include a brief description of the events as they occurred, along with a detailed analysis of the situation using concepts developed in this course. This paper is really a chance to demonstrate your understanding of course material. As such,I expect a meaningful discussion of course material as it relates to the particular situation which you’ve chosen to analyze. As you review your work, ask yourself, “Is it obvious to the reader that I really understand the course material that I’m referencing here?”
4If you cannot confidently answer in the affirmative, you may not be meeting expectations for the assignment.The text of the paper (excluding cover page, exhibits, references, etc.) should not exceed 10double-spaced pages (assuming 12-point font and 1” margins), but certainly may be shorter if you can write precisely

* you will use this book:
” Lewicki, R., Saunders,D., & Barry,B. (2015).Negotiation:Readings, Exercises and Cases. Irwin, 7th edition”


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