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You need to complete this assignment using a word processor and statistical software. The choice of word processor is up to you, but you must use R for doing the statistical work required. You may use any other software you like for calculations and formatting of your work.
Once you have completed your assignment, you will need to create a pdf file for uploading to the class Stream site. A drop box will be used to receive the assignments. Please ensure you have fully submitted your assignment. Many students make the mistake of leaving this file in a draft form.
Please ensure that the front page of your assignment has nothing but the paper details, your full name and ID number.
Solutions will be made available via the drop box on Stream once the due date has passed. Your marked assignment will show how many marks you were given for each question as well as a total.
All questions carry equal marks and will be marked on the same basis. No attempt for a given question gets a zero; an answer that meets expectations gets full credit. Explanation of your work using sentences is expected for almost all of the questions.


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