Nursing role in grief management with patients as well as their family

NURS 4003 Nursing Research

Fall 2017

Evidence Based Table Template (75 points)

The student will use the template below to develop an Evidence Based Table to be used for the literature review.  The student should include a minimum of 15 articles related to the approved nursing topic of interest (topic approved by instructor for literature review paper). The student will then complete the table below.  Every section of the table must be completed. It is highly recommended to save each article for review.  A research binder would be ideal to save and organize the articles. Organization and grouping of similar articles will help when writing the paper. Complete and submit the table via the BB assignment link














NURS 4003 Evidence Based Practice: Evidence Based Table

(Minimum of 15 Peer-Reviewed, Evidence Based Practice Articles)



Article Title and Author Design, Method, Ethics (section 1) Sample, Setting, Population characteristics (section 2) Data collection, Measurement, Major Variables (and their definitions)

(section 3)

Data Analysis, Findings (section 4) Appraisal What is this worth to practice? (section 5)



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