Nursing Treatment of a soft tissue ankle injury

Nursing Treatment of a soft tissue ankle injury     Project description
The attached essay was done for me 2 weeks ago by custom essays. After it being reviewed i was told it was not critical enough or as the instructions were given. Below are the instructions that were given to me by the uni. Can the attached paper be edited in line with the below instructions please?
Critical Analysis – An in-depth study of an aspect of the treatment of a minor injury presentation.
Please note this is not a case study. The essay must be underpinned with current literature support, evidence based-practice and within local trust policy and protocol. (Hertfordshire, London UK)
The study should include:
An introduction clearly identifying the topic for discussion and the rationale for selection of the topic for study (please avoid overview of case scenario within text but appendix it)
A critical review of the current literature on the chosen topic.
An evaluative discussion of the issues raised by the literature and influences on practice in managing this patient.
Analysis of the implications of the review for clinical practice and clear evidence of how the student’s future practice may be affected or how envisaged changes may be implemented.


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