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Use the following sources, to address the scenario and answer the questions posted in additional materials:

Sources: Whitman, Michael E., Mattord, Herbert J., and Green, Andrew. (2014). Principles of Incident Response & Disaster Recovery (2nd ed.). Course Technology. ISBN-10: 1111138052

A major incident occurred at OmniFab. A small earthquake caused a gas pipe to rupture, and the ensuing explosion and fire devastated the end of their building which housed their “back office” operations – the server room! Significantly damaged, if not totally destroyed, were their Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CADAM) server system and its file servers, along with the server that hosted all of their accounting, customer relationship management, payroll and Human Resources information systems.

On the strength of the warning that event has given the management team, they’ve asked you to consider putting together some business continuity planning options for the company. About half of their business is in the local area of their machine shops – within a two- to four-hour drive for a van or small truck to deliver prototypes, or for OmniFab customer engineers to meet with clients. The rest of their business is scattered all over the North American market, with perhaps 10% of their customers being overseas.


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