Ops400 Module 3: Mastery Exercise

Question Question 1 The World Trade Organization increases tariffs on goods exchanged between countries. True False 1 points Question 2 Which country is NOT a member of the EU? Portugal Spain France Uruguay 1 points Question 3 Critical success factors are those factors that are vital to achieving competitive advantage. True False 1 points Question 4 Once an organization has established its mission strategy and its implementation can begin. True False 1 points Question 5 A strategy is a functional area of the firm. the goal that is to be achieved. an action plan to achieve a mission. the purpose for which an organization is established. 1 points Question 6 Typically one would expect to find the same management techniques and philosophies in all countries. True False 1 points Question 7 An operations manager would probably make the decision to lower productive capacity for a product entering which phase of the product life cycle? Decline Introduction Growth Maturity 1 points Question 8 Use of foreign markets allows manufacturers to expand the life cycle of their products. True False 1 points Question 9 Firms achieve missions by cost leadership quick response or differentiation. True False 1 points Question 10 One of the benefits of globalization is that a company may learn about new markets for its products. True False

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