organisation analyses

In order to prepare for this module, you must read both The Art of the Long View and
Scenario Planning: A Field Guide to the Future. In addition, readings have been selected to
provide you with a general understanding as well as specific applications using scenario
planning as a tool. You will need to analyze your organization using the SWOT and value
chain approach (which were covered in your strategy module). The length of the report is up
to you but the analyses should have sufficient detail and depth on all the relevant issues. To
adequately cover all the issues will require at least 25 pages (single space). So far, the record
is 184 pages (of course, verbosity does not imply quality). This assignment will greatly help
you think about and construct your group’s scenario output, which is the deliverable at the
end of the module.
I. Prepare a SWOT analysis. The analysis should include your organization’s distinctive
competencies (sustainable capabilities and assets) as well as potential blindspots and
vulnerabilities. Try to be as objective as you can. In order to do the analysis, you must
consider the following:
a) The macro environmental factors including:
 Political
 Economic
 Social
 Legal
 Biophysical (natural environment or green issues)
 Trade
b) Your organization’s competitive positioning using the Five Forces model
c) Your organization’s value chain. Here, you need to decide which activities add the
most value, recalling that your organization’s strategy will be reflected in the
configuration of value added activities that are different from those of rivals.
II. Once you have completed the analyses, you must consider the same issues from the
perspective of your (1) main or potential competitors and (2) potential collaborators.
This exercise will help to develop your outward and forward-looking abilities. A
number of participants in the past have missed the analyses from these two
perspectives. Remember that unless your organization is truly a monopoly, you must
consider the interactive forces at play among your organization, your competitors
(actual and potential) and your collaborators (actual and potential).

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