Organisational Culture and Innovation in an Airline

Organisational Culture and Innovation in an Airline The assignment should integrate theory and practical examples of organisational culture, the case study to focus on culture in an airline. Please use the same airline as the 2nd research paper on order 71894252 The paper should include: 1. A critical review of theories of the nature of organisational culture, including how it may impact on innovation, and how it may be affected by the leaders of an organisation (Between 40 to 50% of the final paper should be devoted to this literature review) 2. An examination of how culture influences behaviours related to innovation and change in an airline 3. A recommendation as to strategies and actions that could be implemented by the airline’s leaders to enhance or create an appropriate culture (last 20%) The assignment must also include a clear structure with abstract, bibliography, appendices, and diagrammatic representation where appropriate. Please make appropriate use of journal articles, research papers and texts including at least references from 15 different sources and note the specific referencing requests below. Core – Please ensure you reference these texts EH Schein 2010/2004 Organisational Culture and Leadership Jossey Bass Gerry Johnson, Richard Whittington and Kevan Scholes 2011 Exploring Strategy: Text and Cases, Pearson Education Ltd: Harlow or the earlier edition: G Johnson, K Scholes and R Whittington 2008 Exploring Corporate Strategy, 8th ed Prentice Hall Recommended – Please ensure you include references from at least 5 of these texts (Those identified with # have relevant chapters uploaded to assist you in referencing) #Mats Alvesson and Stefan Sveningsson 2008 Changing Organizational Culture, Routledge: London #Ian Brooks 2009 Organisational Behaviour FT/Prentice Hall: Harlow #K Cameron and RE Quinn 2006 Diagnosing and Changing Organisational Culture Jossey Bass #S Cartwright, CL Cooper, PC Earley, et al, (eds). The International Handbook of Organizational Culture and Climate, Wiley: Chichester (# scanned chapter by Ulijn available in Moodle) Jean Hartley and Layla Branicki 2006 Managing with political awareness, Chartered Management Institute and Warwick University (available to download from #G Hofstede 2001 Culture’s Consequences, Sage: Thousand Oaks, CA # Robert House, PJ Hanges, M Javidan, PW Dorfman and V Gupta (eds) 2004 Culture, leadership, and organizations : the GLOBE study of 62 societies, Sage: London (# scanned chapter by Javidan available on Moodle) #Richard D Lewis 2006 When Cultures Collide Nicholas Brealey #Jeffrey B K Liker and Michael Hoseus 2008 Toyota Culture: the Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way, McGraw Hill: New York #G Morgan 2006 Images of Organization Sage: London
#Fons Trompenaars and Peter Woolliams 2003 Business Across Cultures, Capstone: Chichester
*Laurie Mullins 2010 Management and Organisational Behaviour FT/Prentice Hall *F Trompenaars 2010 Servant-leadership across cultures: harnessing the strength of the world’s most powerful management philosophyMcGraw-Hill *G Hofstede, GJ Hofstede and M Minkov 2010 Cultures and Organizations McGraw Hill: New York *Linda Holbeche 2006 Understanding change: theory, implementation and success Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann

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