Organizational Theory

1. Imagine you are a consultant for an organization. Assuming that levels of stress are high in the company, what problems would you expect to see in individuals, both physiologically, and with respect to their job performance? Additionally, what steps can the company take to reduce the levels of stress encountered on the job? (1 Page)

2. Describe the different ways of coping with and managing stress. In your explanation, include examples of the different methods. (4 Pages / at least 700 words)

3. Maslow’s needs-hierarchy is still relevant in the 21st century. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Be sure to illustrate your answer with relevant examples. (1 Page)

4. List and briefly describe the nine ways of acting to improve motivation in organizations. (1 Page)

5. Explain the theories of motivation from the perspective of which theory is best for motivating employees in a public organization (your choice). This measurement should demonstrate your ability to illustrate a realistic link between leadership theories and motivational approaches. (1 Page)

6. What steps can be taken to improve the quality of communication in organizations? (1 Page)

7. Discuss how technology has affected communication in public organizations. Please provide examples to justify your answer. (1 Page)

8. Explain cultural competency and generational diversity from the perspective of leadership. (1 Page)

9. Compare and contrast two types of technologies that public and nonprofit organizations are utilizing when dealing with the public. (1 Page)

10. Discuss the main views of the “new public service.” How do they differ from traditional models? (1 Page)

11. Identify and briefly describe the top three skills needed to practice management in the public interest. Answers will vary, so please discuss the rationale for your choices.
(1 Page)


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