Our Psychological Properties Define the Self

Write an excellent summary that captures essence of the reading and explains it clearly. Provide a thoughtful and focused commentary that makes a point and supports it with good reasoning. Use some quotes (with page numbers), but not more than three, and explain in your own words what those quotes mean. Is at or above 500 words. Demonstrates both comprehension of the assigned reading and the ability to place it in context of the other things we have read and the big questions of philosophical inquiry. I do not deduct for spelling or grammar unless it is to the point where I cannot understand what you are trying to say. I do deduct for language or writing style that is not suitable for an academic environment. Things that will cost you points: Not meeting the length requirement. That being said, I would much rather have you turn in something that is a little short than you try to fluff it up by adding a bunch on nonsensical filler. Disorganized and unedited. You should put some time into polishing your summary before you submit it. Read through it. Maybe even get someone else to read through it to see if you do a good job of explaining the big ideas from the reading to someone who has never read it. Commentary that is mean spirited or empty. It is good to be critical of what you are reading, but it is also important to try and give a charitable account of the reading. Try and make it make sense, it probably does in some way. If you are having difficulty with your commentary it is possible that you need to reread the piece to make sure you are getting everything that is happening. These readings are chosen specifically because they are conducive to deep reflection and rumination. Tell us what you are thinking on the subject, but do so in a constructive way that makes sense. Try and pick a reading that you found the most interesting to make your commentary on it come easier. This is a chance to do some of your own philosophy and so let yourself play with your thoughts a while and think through the subject – commentaries that are done rushed at the last minute are easy to spot because of their lack of this. I guarantee that the most commonly chosen reading will be the shortest one. Thinking that the assignment will be easier to complete because you have chosen the shortest reading is a mistake. Choosing the most thought provoking reading is the way to get your mind going and give you what you need to write a good commentary. Too little commentary or too little summary. Ideally, it should be about a page and a quarter on summary and three fourths of a page on commentary, but there is some wiggle room there. However, you are likely to lose some points if you have less than half a page of either summary or commentary. Too many quotes. You don’t have to use any quotes if you can summarize the idea from the reading in your own words, but you should avoid using primarily the words from the reading rather than your own. I can read the article and have, I want to see what you think it means, and plugging in quotes without explanation of those quotes does not demonstrate knowledge or understanding of the reading. Since I am looking for whether or not you understood the reading I can’t accurately give you credit for doing so if it is just quotes strung together. Also, make sure you include page numbers with your quotes. If you are able to use the book: Philosophy The Quest For Truth by Louis p.Pojman you can find this story in the book on page 376-383


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