Owns days

Assessment 3 – Individual Assignment
The aim of this assignment is to work on a branding issue which is both current and timely and based on branding concepts. Please find attachment for assignment brief.
Other Guidelines:
l A cover page for the assignment will be made available on Blackboard.
l The maximum word count should be no more than 1500 words (excluding Appendix).
l The deadline for submission is as stated on Blackboard.
l Please ensure that you provide justifications for the use of relevant branding concepts, theories and
models in your discussion. This is an APPLICATION assignment. You will not get any marks by simply
providing a description.
l References from external ACADEMIC sources are expected. On average, about 5 references is the
norm and these MUST be from academic or scholarly sources. References from popular press
(Newspapers, magazines) do not count.
l Each submission of the written projects must be uploaded on Blackboard. This is mandatory.
l A copy of your assignment must be submitted ONLINE and via TURNITIN for the assignment to be

i am choosing the brand owns days from japan but we are talking in how well they are doing in Singapore and what things they can improve. please use my draft. its almost done but please edit the paper looks good and better, also edit the paper looks like the sample. give pictures n others things as well. i am choosing brand REINFORCEMENT talk about the issue and how this strategy can help the brand . CHICAGO STYLE FOR REFERENCING AUSTRALIAN ENGLISH


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