PADM520 week 8

Question Please analyze an article below in terms of this week’s unit. Make sure you draw connections to the text and support your argument using examples. Chose from one of the two articles. The articles can be found in the “Resources” section in the “articles” folder. Please critically review the following article paying close attention to its relationship to this week’s objectives and the other readings. Shingler J. Van Loon M.E. Alter T.R. & Bridger J.C. (2008). The importance of subjective data for public agency performance evaluation.Public Administration Review 68 1101-1111.Retrieved from ABI/INFORM Global Parenthetic citations and the reference list will be in APA format. Your name and the week of the assignment should be at the top of the paper and your last name should be at the beginning of the title of the electronic file.

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