One of the greatest challenges of managing airport terminals s serving the needs of a wide variety of passengers. Explain how passengers are categorized while traveling through airport terminals.Your initial post should be at least 250 words. ; Passenger processing requirements and other needs vary widely on the basis of the segment of itinerary the passenger is on while at the airport. The three primary itinerary segments are departing, arriving, andtransferring. Departing passengers are those passengers who are entering the terminal from the ground access system through the access/processing interface. Arriving passengers are those passengers who have just deplaned an aircraft and entered the terminal from the flight interface with the intentions of leaving the airport terminal for their final destinations through the access/egress interface. Transfer passengers are entering the terminal from the flight interface with the intention of boarding other flights for their ultimate destinations within a relatively short period of time, again through the flight interface (Young, 2011, p. 554, cp. 7).Bottom of Form;

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