Peak Performance Pontoons

;contract.docx has the information that you need to add to the k precedent.docx. you need to put the assignor as pancho villa, and the assignee as PPP Inc., then add or change the parts to match what is in the contract.docx
so change in section A add the name of the invention, the canadian patient No and issue date, then also add the mexican patient information and the US patient information. change the amount of the consideration in the 3rd paragraph to whatever it is in the contract.docx
Add the signature lines for the assignor and the assignee, there is an example in the lecture slides that peter has on moodle
Also make sure you take the pages with the patent drawings and numbers from the contract.docx and staple them to the back of the assignment. Then do a memo saying you’re responding to the request for the patent assignment, here is the draft for you to look over etc.


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