Performance-Measurement System

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Performance-Measurement System

  1. Collecting data and using that data to tell a story about an HR metric’s usefulness to an organization can be powerful in getting organizational buy-in. Data can help you define constructs and make linkages to other performance measures as well. Without using the most relevant data, you may convey the wrong story or only part of it. HR professionals sometimes fall into the trap of using the most convenient data rather than the most relevant because of their eagerness to begin projects or because of internal pressures to provide information quickly. In the end, they run the risk of breaking down their credibility in the long run.

    With this in mind, respond to the following, in a 2- to 3-page paper:

  2. Explain the importance of using the most relevant data when choosing a performance-measurement system, instead of the most convenient data.
  3. Discuss the challenges that can occur if the wrong data are used, including the potential negative impact using these data might have on an organization.
  4. Explain how HR professionals might use data to tell a story.
  5. Explain how HR professionals might comfortably and confidently make decisions based on the most relevant data.

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