Perils and Pleasure

Perils and Pleasure This is the essay question – Autobiographical Essay: A critical, first-person account of a leisure activity: This will serve as a formative assessment and enable you to critically evaluate relevant theories in relation to one leisure activity e.g. shopping, gaming, sports, cinema, etc. Based on your own experience, you will investigate a leisure activity with a view to critically examining the wider social, political and cultural context in which this activity has been developed and is experienced. How and to what extent the activity challenges or conforms to theories and models of leisure, pleasure and risk will be explored alongside critical ideas about the development of leisure practices. The essay is to be written from your own perspective but it is not an opinion piece. You need to use the theory we have discussed to critically analyse your example. The leisure activity to use is drinking (alcohol) or shopping General guidelines: • As this is a level 6 module I expect to see a good range of academic sources including primary and secondary texts. • You must also show evidence you have read around the topic – use the General Reading list and the set readings from weeks 1-5.. • You are encouraged to use the theory to think critically about your own leisure ‘choices’ In marking this assignment, tutors will consider: • The selection of a relevant case study. • The ability to critically use the theory discussed in the module. • Relevance to the question. • The use of appropriate theories and concepts. • Clarity of argument. • Written expression and the appropriate use and selection of references and examples. – I have attached all the lecture slides of what has been taught from week 1-6 which would be helpful – I have also attached podcasts of each week which which is a summary of each lecture which would be helpful I have also attached a weekly reading list of what has been taught on what week and the readings for each week. I have a copy of week 4 and 5 reading so I have attached that. Please use whatever reading is needed for the question from the weekly reading list. Please also use these sources as they are the general reading list General Reading List: Blackshaw T (2013) Routledge Handbook of Leisure Studies Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge Bramham, P. and Wagg, S. (eds) (2010) The New Politics of Leisure and Pleasure. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Clough, P.T., Halley, J., Hosu, K. and Biianco, J. (2007) The Affective Turn: Theorizing the Social. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. Rojek, C., Shaw, S.M. and Veal, A.J. (2006) A Handbook of Leisure Studies. London: Palgrave Macmillan. Rojek, C. (2009) The Labour of Leisure: The Culture of Free Time. London: Sage. Spracklen, K. (2011) Constructing Leisure: Historical and Philosophical Debates. London: Palgrave. -When referencing in the text please reference such as (Morrison, 2006:54). – Please also include a bibliography at the end

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