Person-Situation Interactions

Person-Situation Interactions

Write a paper 700 to 1050 words analyzing the person centered approaches to personality. The word count should not exceed 1100 words or a 10% deduction will be taken. Your paper should cover the following areas:




Grading Rubric





12 points possible

Points   available

Compare person-centered theory with Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.


Outline the main components of person-centered theory that contribute to personality development. Use references and citations.


Identify which theory you relate to most, and explain why.



Format 3   points possible

Points     available

Follows   rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation.

Has   a structure that is clear, logical, and easy to   follow.

Introduction and conclusion in   your paper provided.








Include an introduction and conclusion in your presentation.

Format your presentation to be consistent with APA guidelines.

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