Personal Health Behaviors and RoleModeling Attitudes of Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist S

Instructions: Using the LIRN database, research and review 1 scholarly article related to a Physical Therapy based topic, . For the review portion of the assignment, in a few paragraphs or less, briefly explain what the article is about and provide your point of view, IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Both articles must be included with your assignment and the review must be typed. Format should resemble the following:
A. Introduction
B. Body
a. Describe the Study
b. State study hypothesis & explain
c. Point of view
C. Conclusion
a. Summarize methods and results
Follow instructions and read rubric, assignment must be typed & double spaced, print hard copy and ATTACH copy of article. You will receive a grade of 0 if your work is not cited properly where appropriate. Due date 8/14/2017


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